DIY: Pallet Garden



Hey, remember our chat the other day about Living Walls and vertical gardens? Well, here is a DIY option: A pallet garden. This is what Fern, over at Life On The Balcony did.


The list of materials:

  • a pallet
  • 2 large bags of potting soil
  • 16 flats (six packs each) of  flowers
  • a small roll of landscape fabric
  • a staple gun
  • sand paper

And for those of you wondering where you can nab a pallet, some good places are:

  • back of super markets
  • industrial areas/behind factories


The steps:

1. Once you get your pallet home, nail down any loose boards and sand down any rough spots

2.  Staple a double layer of fabric onto back of pallet



3.  Lay pallet on flat side (preferably where it will be located),

and tightly fit in your plants on what will be the top



4.  Pour in bags of soil, one at a time, in between slats, smoothing and leveling out as you go along



5.  Place plants into the trenches, so that they are very tightly fitted into openings.


For the complete details (and there are a lot more details),  check out the post at Life On The Balcony!




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