old, meet new {Greenwich, CT}

When I came across this home I thought, “ooh, a church conversion”. These are always great to see because it is an unexpected use of an existing structure.  Though, this particular conversion of a 19th century Baptist church, takes things to another level.


This is the result of a collaboration between an open-minded homeowner looking to bring loft-living to suburbia and the ‘outside the box’ thinking of the Gray Organschi Architecture firm.


The original structure looks quite traditional from the outside.  Once inside, we are met with an eclectic mix of furnishings and a little something extra…


the curved laminated "birch pod" holds the master bedroom and bath


from the tub, a view into the living space below

in the bedroom, some of the original beams


backyard living at the 'church house'


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old, meet new {Greenwich, CT} — 5 Comments

  1. I really love this home – I like things that are a little bit different. My favourite area is the main living area with the bedroom pod above. It’s lovely to see original features, such as the old beams and windows, in harmony with the new, modern additions. xxx

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