Tuesday’s Trend: Maskros Hacking

Without a doubt, in recent years the Maskros pendant has become IKEA’s most popular item.  The large fixture, whose name means dandelion in Swedish, is as textural as it is cheerful.

Our look at Amy Butler’s home a couple of weeks ago made me curious about other ways of taking this lamp and making it your own. Like in the image above, where paper cups were used instead of the decorative flowers, to create large dot silhouettes.


Small plastic cups and metallic paint add glam to this project via Little Green Notebook.


Pretty in pink and ombre appeal, done with some inexpensive acrylic paints via Picket Fence Designs.


Bump up the gold factor like in this diy via Ikea Hackers. After a coat of gold paint, add gold leaf.
  Change the shape of things all together by replacing the ‘dandelions’ with stars via Ohhh…Mhhh

{image 1 via ikea hackers}

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Tuesday’s Trend: Maskros Hacking — 12 Comments

  1. Hmm, I have never been a huge fan of the Maskros, but I can appreciate it’s beauty … like an artpiece in a gallery that I find intriguing, but wouldn’t go with my home decor. Thanks for showing a variety .. lots of FUN seeing them all together.

  2. What fun ideas! I’ve got the large ‘maskros’ in our top sitting room and I love it but when I think of how long it took me to assemble it the idea of taking them all off again and replacing with stars or paper cups (however lovely) is too much for my patience :) A quick spray paint on the other hand is a great idea!

    • hi, did you manage to spray paint the maskros whilst whole, already put together. i would love to spray mine but cannot take it apart. any advice would be really appreciated.

  3. I think the light is great looking for the price but I think if I ever had one to hack it would be a simple painted change. There are sooooo many of those flowers. I did love Amy Butler’s house.

  4. I have been eyeing this fixture for some time now. On the website it says it holds a 45watt bulb. Is that the highest watt it can hold?

    • Hi Karri! The maximum wattage recommended for a lamp is determined by the lamp’s heat resistance. So, I would recommend following whatever the manufacturer tells you (in this case, good ol’ IKEA) to avoid any mishaps.

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