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You know how I mentioned that birthday’s are our own personal New Year’s? Well, for me, this also means that this is the time to settle on what my New Year’s Resolutions are. One that I am working on, is the idea of not putting something down but putting it away. I read it in a Real Simple magazine recently where a reader was saying that this helps her save time because she then always knows where everything is. But my hope for following this rule is that it will help me keep our home tidier.

This also makes me think of ways of adding additional storage to our space for the items that we seem to have the hardest time finding a home for.

Part of the problem I have with magazine storage is that I feel as if putting a magazine away means it goes into ‘out of sight , out of mind’. The Hockenheim solution works  because it keeps the piles tidy, you can see the magazines and has a practical function to boot.

I am also in a losing battle with the drawer in which I keep wrap rolls. But maybe what I need to do is find a new location for the rolls (and free up a kitchen drawer in the process).

Much like the magazine pile, the shoe collection near our entrance needs help.  I like the look of the Ikea shoe storage solutions, but always worry they will not be deep enough for sneakers.  Some searching led me to Young House Love and their use of the Retur storage bins as shoe storage for shoes (including sneakers). This could work.

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Monday’s Motivation: Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away — 12 Comments

  1. Our shoes end up being bunched up around the entry way as well and I’m forever putting them into a closet. Let me know if you come up with a clever solution

  2. ‘Tidy’ tips are always welcome in my household! We’re terrible!!! I especially love the magazines with the belts….now that’s a cool way to keep things in order.

  3. You continue to inspire me and with the urge for spring cleaning running through me this couldn’t be better timing!

  4. Some days I think the only thing that will get me organized is to have an alarm system that detects all those little things that always seem to find their way in the house but never have a home.

    Since that’s not a possibility, I like the first idea to put things away instead of down. I also go through my old magazines and tear out pages and then scan them. It makes digital clutter but the magazines aren’t underfoot or collecting dust.

  5. I am a bit of a neat freak, and I have one particularly messy 9 year old! She has told me she is happier in a messy space – gulp! 😉 I like your ‘don’t put it down, put it away’ saying. It’s much the same as my motto – ‘put it away the first time, otherwise you’ll just have to move it twice’. OK, so yours is much better… I’m going to use that from now on. xxx

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