Accessorising With: Mad Men

Friends were always telling me that I needed to watch Mad Men. Something about the amazing mid-century set design. I will admit, during the first few episodes, I would zone out (probably annoyed by the insistent smoking and womanizing) and find myself just looking at the interiors. But soon enough I was hooked and all of the wonderful mid-centuriness off it all was just a big bonus.  I am all caught up with the first 4 seasons of this series. Now I think I’ll just wait for the season 5 dvd set so that I can have myself yet another Mad Men marathon.

mad men joan's kitchenvintage print table cloth | the plumberry shop $80

vintage pyrex casserole dish with lid | crafty sarah $24
percolator | cuisinart $70


mad men roger's office

 arc floor lamp | lamps plus $361
bulge dot print | zazzle priced by size
cosmopolitan bar cart | eurway $129


mad men don's digs
diy swag lamp by katie steuernagle
bud vase | jet set vintage $16
mid century painting | orange door vintage $75


{images via 1 collider | 2 my lifestyle investment | 3 los angeles times}

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Accessorising With: Mad Men — 11 Comments

  1. Mad Men is such a phenomenal show, isn’t it? I can’t believe it took you so long to get into! I am anxiously awaiting its return, but I think you have plenty of time for a season 5 marathon. I love all the sets and the fashion. I could do without the smoking and womanizing though, haha. Love your picks! Roger’s office is my favorite.

  2. I’ve never seen Mad Men, but my friend has been telling me I must watch it. Will have to pick up Season 1 and see what I think. Looks pretty cool from your pics. x

  3. i have an off again on again relationship with mad men – but it’s fitting no? i can handle the smoking, it’s the womanizing that starts to grate on me. i haven’t made it too far but i am sure i will pick it up again. but the set design! oh, how i would love to be apart of that crew. i have my eye on one of the arc floor lamps, not sure it would fit my space but i really want one!

  4. I have to say that I might be one of the few who doesn’t like Mad Men. I like the interiors in the show and vintage things in general but I got bored of the show and haven’t been watching the last season. :)

    The DIY swag light seem like it could be fun.

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