Barcelona Sights

It has been a long road back to recovery for me the blog this week. What say we end the week with a virtual trip to Barcelona?

Like most Spanish cities, Barcelona is full of history, tradition and, of course,  architecture that doesn’t disappoint.

barcelona sights1A1 Enjoying the beach at any cost or waiting patiently for the return of bikini weather?

2 Those clever Catalans. They banned bull fighting, then converted the arena into a grand shopping center with an array of restaurants and views up top…

3 …views such as the Plaza de España

4 It’s always fun to see things studied in design school with your own two eyes. Like the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Pavillion. The inspiration for the iconic Barcelona Chair.

5 I also got my fill of Gaudi goodness with, among many things, a trip to the Park Güell.

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Barcelona Sights — 18 Comments

  1. My only exposure to Barcelona was from “Vicky Christina Barcelona” and this was a way more realistic “experience” for me! I can’t wait to see more pictures (hopefully you have more :) The architecture is just beautiful.

  2. Barcelona is such an amazing city! I’ve only been able to visit once for a quick weekend jolly, but I have such fond memories of that weekend – particularly one long lunch in a courtyard with several pitchers of sangria and that tomato bread dish (the name escapes me). Bliss!

  3. I have heard so many lovely things about Barcelona and seeing these photos makes me wish I learned Spanish so that I could take a trip there! Everything seems so gorgeous and the lifestyle seems very familiar to other European cities that i love!

  4. Barcelona es para mi una de las ciudades mas bellas de España y de toda Europa y concuerdo contigo que tiene todo historia, arquitectura y bellas planyas .Ademas de ser una ciudad muy entretenida

  5. I do want to get to Barcelona in this lifetime; It’s definitely on my travel wish list. Your photos are making the destination all the more desirable. It seems I’m also having a long road to recovery with blogging. Let’s agree to cut ourselves some slack and go with the flow. [smile] Happy 2013, Santa!

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