Locopopo / I’ll Be Right Back…

loco popo black horse print

Hello Lovelies.

Now, I promise that I am not trying to reach total slacker as a goal for the new year.  Having said that, I am going to have to leave you early for the week and be gone for a few days. You see, despite the fact that I have barely recovered from the trip to Spain, the universe has decided to give me a break from the cold wave we’ve been enduring with a little last minute trip to Mumbai. From 16F/8C to 85F/29C? Who’s going to say no to that?

In the meantime, and inspired by the upcoming getaway, I wanted to share some prints and illustrations by Mumbai artist Lokesh Karekar a.k.a Locopopo.  Karekar specializes in design, typography and illustration.  His work is modern with inspirations of local flair and I could easily see one of these prints coming back home with me.

So, have a great weekend, and I will see you back here in a week!

loco popo ambassador print2



loco popo south mumbai



loco popo pink deer print2bimages via locopopo

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Locopopo / I’ll Be Right Back… — 16 Comments

  1. Yaaay! Say hi to my boyfriend while you’re there ;) I’m so happy you’re taking a much needed break from the freezing cold here. Have a great time relaxing! I love those prints so much. Especially the last one.

  2. Yipeeeh!You’re so lucky for getting to escape the cold for a while. I wish I could sneak into your luggage and come along for the ride. Looking forward to all the impressions you’ll bring back from your trip. Great prints, I especially like the south mumbai print with the vibrant colors on a neutral background…Enjoy your trip!

  3. Hey I like that first one with the matching backdrop, it’s sharp looking.. Have a safe and fun trip Sis and I’ll catch you later ;)

  4. Yahoo, this is some cheerful news. You’re right, Santa, you definitely couldn’t turn down such a trip, and warmer temps. Thanks for sharing this local artist and his work. Like you, I’m loving the graphic quality. Enjoy your well-earned time away, Santa!

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