Monday’s Motivation: Being Back

Michelberger+hotel BerlinHello is right…or in my case Hola! We are finally back home after two weeks.

The end of 2012 just really caught me off guard and it’s still a bit difficult to imagine that January is here all over again.

So, time to get motivated and take care of all those things that come with going away for a few days: sorting mail, unpacking, grocery shopping, etc. And then we’ll see if I can’t find the motivation for making plans for the new year.

What’s motivating you for 2013?

{image: Michelberger hotel via transito inicial}

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Monday’s Motivation: Being Back — 8 Comments

  1. Welcome home! The end of the year is always a whirlwind, so no wonder adding an overseas vacation kind of disoriented you! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip, though. Once you get settled and back on your schedule! xo

  2. Welcome back :) So funny you’ve used that photo, I came across it yesterday and immediately fell in love with that sign – would love one in our entrance. Might have to get the paintbrush out! x

  3. Welcome back Santa! I hope you enjoyed your trip and the holidays. Also have a hard time getting back into the groove again after the holidays. I guess the motivation will come back soon…

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