Monday’s Motivation: Being Tropical

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After just a few days of sun and one or two of mild temperatures, we’re back to cold and gray. My motivations for today are: spending as much time in bed as possible (Martin Luther King, Jr holiday today) and keeping my mind on what warm days may come. This weather is a definite demotivator for me.

But I do wish I could swap out the Christmas cactus for a large palm and the flannel bedding for white linen right about now.  Hey, sometimes you have to trick your mind into warm thoughts.

Happy Monday all.

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Monday’s Motivation: Being Tropical — 14 Comments

  1. It was so beyond freezing here today, which was a sharp departure from how sunny and warm it was here this weekend. But, call me crazy, I kind of like the cold! It’s January, it’s supposed to be chilly, right? It’s still fun to live vicariously through these photos. Assuming it’s not too humid, that is :)

  2. It was freezing cold this morning when I left the house for work, also most people got to stay home and the streets were empty. On one hand I would like spring to come soon on the other hand I still want to squeeze in some more snowboarding time before the winter ends. Or maybe we get spring and in the mountain it stays winter for a while, that would be a good compromise…

  3. Love that photo of the chaise under the round mirror – gorgeous! We’re having beautiful sunny days in our part of the world (don’t mean to rub it in!). But my problem is trying to keep the kids happy, while still trying to work at home. We have been spending an hour every afternoon at the school pool. x

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