Monday’s Motivation: Creating Calm

There you have it. I have gone from someone who never missed a day of blogging once in almost two years, to someone who missed an entire week (ok, 4 days) in one shot.

I hope you’ll forgive me for last week’s MIAness. Catching up on things has proven trickier than I thought. But, this is a new week. So, onward and upward!

I was recently perusing through the houzz blog and found an article by Laura Gaskill that seemed perfect for a Monday. It gave tips on creating a calm(er) space at home. Here are a few that I absolutely either a) follow religiously or b) have every full intention of following

make the bedThis one l live by. A made bed ensures that your bedroom is still a calm sanctuary at the end of a less than calm day.

clean counters2I have to say, few things make me feel more frantic than an out of control counter (..much like the one I am currently living with.) Maintain a clear one for a more orderly feel in the kitchen (and/or bath!)


clean hallmark2Decide what is important to you in terms of “clean”. For example, a made bed or clean dishes, and always dedicate time those few things.

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Monday’s Motivation: Creating Calm — 18 Comments

  1. I really need to get back in the habit of making my bed everyday. But I so agree about keeping counters (and all surfaces, really) clutter-free. Visually it makes such a difference. I try (but struggle) to keep my place 10 minutes from being “guest-ready.” Meaning that if someone called unexpectedly and said they were coming over in 10 minutes, I could pull a few things together and feel okay with them coming over. It’s a lot harder when you have a dog who sheds everywhere, though…

  2. Why is it that you can go along keeping things clutter free, and then all of a sudden -bam- it seems like it’s out of control? Diligence is the key, but it’s often hard to follow. January is a great time to restart those cleanliness routines – Thanks for the reminders

  3. I couldn’t survive without making the bed every day, it’s the first thing I do (usually in the dark and half asleep so it’s never perfect) but I hate getting into an unmade bed. I’m a little more lenient on cluttered counters as I like organised chaos. I can also never leave unwashed dishes overnight. I’m sounding a little Monica Gellar here aren’t I?

  4. Blogging everyday has to be so time consuming and then of course, there;s not much time to do much else… But I agree.. I always make my bed and starting this week, try not to go to bed with a basket (or 2) of unfolded laundry…

  5. I don’t blog as regularly as I think I want to, but I generally write my posts on the weekend {sometimes even a few weeks ahead of time} so I don’t have to stress about it too much during the week. That helps me feel less pressure.

    I do try to work on the bed thing, but decluttering is a constant battle. I like to believe that people mess things up when I’m not around. :)

  6. I am so not good at making my bed, never have been. That’s why we don’t have a fancy throw or any decorative pillows on our bed ;) But I have started to every walk to another room count and take something with me that belongs somewhere along the way, this way I don’t have to run around just for returning things to their place….

  7. I’m one of those people who needs a tidy home to have a tidy mind. I just can’t concentrate if I know there’s a pile of dishes on the bench, or needless junk lying around (usually belonging to my kids). But once everything is in order I feel at peace. The best thing we did was rescue a set of old lockers, one for the Mr and each of our kids – the perfect place for all their ‘stuff’! :) x

  8. Making the bed has never been important to me, so I never do it. Our bedroom is small and we don’t spend any time there except sleeping so I don’t see the point.
    I do try to keep the counters clean, doing the dishes everyday is really a habit I would love to have. But I hate doing dishes.
    I’ve had some struggle writing posts lately too. Sometimes other things, like rest, just feel much more important.

  9. Well, I’m very proud right now as I can safely that I do all the three things you mention above every day. (Or maybe that makes some kind of neat/control freak. ;) Making the bed every morning is one of my favorite rituals. It just makes me feel like the day can start off on the right foot when it’s done.

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