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a few things about me

Hi, I’m Santa. Yes. As in the nickname for the bearded guy that comes once a year.
I love to travel and all things related to the home and interior design.  I have a strong aversion to artificial plants.

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a few things about homestilo
homestilo /hōm•stē•lō/ =
home + estilo (the Spanish word for style) + the urbanization of estilo into ‘steelo’
The inspirations for this blog are quite simple: my friend Karin and design that doesn’t break the bank.

See, Karin and her husband recently bought a place. They sometimes ask for my advice when undertaking new projects. Their inquiries run the gamut from the selection of molding, to rug dimensions to hanging artwork.
The truth is, I love feeling like I’m helping friends and thought I should share my experience with others since there may be more of you out there with similar questions. This a place where we can share ideas, references and advice.


Santa Martin is a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design and has worked with architectural and design firms in the NY/NJ area.



  • I am more than happy to share my projects and weigh in on yours. But please be sure to consult with the pros in your area when taking on those home improvement projects.
  • I appreciate being able to share your work with readers who might otherwise not get a chance to see it. I always try to credit the owner/creator of things featured on homestilo. If you are not happy with the appearance/representation of your work, please let me know and I will remove it straight away.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all opinions given on products are my own and I have not received any form of compensation for them.
  • Occasionally I will have affiliate links on my blog. That means that if you proceed to make a purchase via said link, I will get a tinsy percentage of the sale.
  • I’m completely fine with you borrowing an image or two, but please do link back to this site.


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