on hiatus (part deux)

s.martin photo hiatus

Hello, there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Now, I know the last time I went “On Hiatus“, it was around this time last year and I was gone for a while.  But I promise this isn’t that. Just trying to sort some things out with little ‘ol homestilo before moving forward (should I stay or should I stop?, do I want to go in a different direction?… sigh, you know, blogger issues, more sighs)

But I’ll be in touch via Instagram, Pinterest and hope to keep reading all of your blogs for some inspiration!

a patio for this weekend

tiered-gardenHello and Happy Friday.

I’m leaving you for the weekend with an interesting concept for an outdoor space: a tiered garden.  The layers allow for different point of entry options either from above or below.here is also a grassy alternative to the rest of the paved area.

Around here, someone has turned up the dial on the heat and humidity index.  I find my self looking at this image and wondering…I would hope that there is a swimming pool over on the far left, just past the table with the fresh fruit. THEN this would truly be a patio for this weekend.

[photo amy neunsinger for house beautiful]

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at home in athens (georgia, usa that is)

Today a look at the home of abstract painter Brit Brass Turner, in Athens, Georgia.  She and her husband have taken up residence in a rental home. Here, they have found a way to harmoniously combine furnishings of all sorts: hand me down pieces, pieces from their college days and pieces received as wedding gifts. Much like most recently married couples.

The result, in this light filled space,  is an assorted mix of styles with feminine touches.



home-in-atlanta-bedroomFor a lot more of this home and Brit Bass Turner, visit The Everygirl.


[images hilary maloney for the everygirl]

peggy rockefeller rose garden

Although The Mr and I enjoy trips to the NY Botanical Garden once or twice a year, we never seem to catch much of anything in season. But on a recent trip, the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden was in full bloom.

This area of the botanical garden was originally designed in 1916 by landscape architect Beatrix Farrand.  But it wasn’t completed until 1988 when David Rockefeller provided a donation.  After that, it was named after Peggy Rockefeller who was an avid horticulturalist and loved roses.

There were more roses than I ever even knew could exist and the scent just overtook the air every now and then- making it inevitable for one to stop and smell the roses.



above: the way to my garden is certainly by having a clever name, like “Pink Martini”
below: some roses barely even look like roses, like these polyantha roses that almost look like hydrangeas



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5 ways with: étagères

etagere-5-waysHello and Happy Friday!

Well, from Brazil over to France…in a manner of speaking.  Étagères were first made popular in France during the 18th Century and were used mostly to display ornate items and small trinkets. Well, the étagère has come a long way and can now be found in all sorts of design styles and used for all sorts of items.

étagère-library-use1 library | keep your books organized and stylized

étagère-plant-stand2 plant stand | keep your leafy lovelies uniformly displayed in one place

étagère-bar-use3 bar | an elegantly retro way to keep the party readily available

étagère-kitchen-use4 kitchen storage | use as open storage for your kitchen needs from dishes to foods

étagère-room-divider5 room divider | the beauty of the etagere is that, unlike a bookshelf, it is completely open. Used as a room divider, you are sure to get light on either side


[images library: jonathan adler via horchow  |  plant stand: unknown via Pinterest  |  bar: photo and styling by brynne of the gathered home |  kitchen(2) west elm |  room divider: iss designs]

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at home in trancoso, brazil

Will you be watching the World Cup this year?  I always ‘watch’ in the same way: Day 1: This is awesome! Day 10:…these games are still  on?? Final Day: Agh! This is awesome, is someone having a party, where are we watching?! But I have an idea, maybe if I post on Brazilian design every now and then during the games, I’ll actually keep interested?

So, in honor of the World Cup fever I have (this week) and the games kicking off tomorrow in Brazil, I thought we’d look at a beach home in  Brazil. The coastal town of Trancoso is in the east and lies between two of the host cities (Salvador and Belo Horizonta).

The homeowners enjoy receiving friends on a regular basis and the design reflects this in the common areas- like the living room with its tall (6m/20ft) ceilings and its outdoor dining space amid lush flora.  The guest room (pictured below) may be my favorite.  It is serene in white and has a door leading into a small garden area.

I can already feel the coolness of the tiles beneath my feet as I sip on my caipirinha.  Go World Cup!







[images marco antonio via casa claudia | architecture nadia kulesis allegretti]

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gifts for dad’s space

Hello there. My apologies for not posting last Friday. It was a combination of Spring Fever and exhaustion- I decided to give myself a break.

But hey, we are back and (for now) ready to take on a new week!

Are you all set for Father’s Day? I have to say, I have one of those has everything-never needs anything-and is just downright difficult to impress dads. Any time gift giving comes around, my poor brother and I have to rack our brains. And now I also have to plan for The Mr as it is his first Father’s Day ever.

But, I have put together a small list of items that I think would make great additions to any dad’s space.

Father's Day Picks2b


1 for the music lover | he can listen to his tunes on this little mod wooden speaker

2 for the gourmet | assist him in his culinary labor of love with a personalized cutting board (yes, that really is my version of ‘helping out in the kitchen’)

3 for the (hip) nature lover | this contemporary looking birdhouse is available with or without graffiti

4 for the pampered dad | this personalized bath caddy will let dad read his paper, book or tablet while taking a relaxing bath (and you know mom is probably going to get just as much use out of this one)

5 for the classic | …or, you could just go the classic route with a good ol’ mug with some of today’s coolest typography

@ home in venice (california, that is)


Today a look at a small 1950’s bungalow home in Venice Beach, CA.

It belongs to actress Katherine LaNasa, who has taken great care in creating a relaxed and inviting space.  She combines “splurge” items like a Noguchi coffee table with custom pieces, like the dyed drapes in the living room, and flea market finds.  Painted wooden floors and sea grass area rugs keep the feeling light and coastal.

The effect of it all is eclectic and bohemian- and I’d be happy to spend some time.





above:  LaNasa used custom drapes from her former home as window treatments and in place of closet doors in the small master bedroom

below: a spare bedroom is used as a dressing room



[images katie falkenberg | la times]

600th post!

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I Spied: May ’14

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was full of international food fare. Saturday: Argentinian Barbecue. Sunday: Turkish Dinner. All with great friends. If it wasn’t for this allergy that is driving me mad, it would have been the loveliest of weekends. But I digress.

My list of home finds for May is quite short actually…I’ll just go ahead and blame that on the allergies too.

I Spied: May '14


1 | Peonies everywhere! These beauties are definitely in season and everyone is posting there amazing pics on blogs and Instragram. I am dying to have peonies and have had several failed attempts on my balcony.  But I am not giving up! I figure I just need to do a little research on the matter. For those of you that know peonies, tell me the truth- am I kidding myself?


2 | The rabbit whole that is the internet, recently led me through My Scandanavian Home and to Design55 where I came across this nifty carafe.  The lid has a mechanism that will keep any garnish inside – perfect for infused drinks.


3 | These liquor letter press gift tags let you gift your liquor with some humor.


4 | There is just something wonderfully Wes Anderson about these Hail Anderson prints.


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window seats 5 ways

Hello and Happy Friday!

I am leaving you for the weekend with a look at window seats in five different settings throughout the home.  As far as seating goes, is there anything more comfy or cozy?

window-seat-landingStair Landing | A great place to stop, take a rest, and possiby enjoy the view


window-seat-livingLiving Room | Add seating to your living space


window-seat-libraryLibrary | Curl up with your favorite tablet book


window-seat-kitchen1Kitchen | Dining becomes even more of an intimate affair


window-seat-bedroomBedroom | Give yourself yet another option for resting


landing | michael partenio via new england home
living room | victoria pearson via house beautiful
library | unknown via ehow
kitchen | anne manglerud via no. 20
bedroom | kim timmerman via the style files



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